LOVELY BEAM Gling Glitter
LOVELY BEAM Gling Glitter
Tonymoly Korea

LOVELY BEAM Gling Glitter

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Infused with Diamonds, Amethysts, Ruby and Sapphires for brightening and sparkling effects.



  • #01 Gold Beam: Champaign gold color


  • #02 Peach Beam: Sweet peach color


  • #03 Pink Beam: Lovely pink cherry color

     Mixture of various sizes of delicate glitters and gorgeous sparkles for unique eye bag makeup.


    The slim, soft brush helps beginners to adjust the content amount easily and avoids clumping.

    The water base texture lightly adheres onto eye area without flaking of pearls.



    How to Use

    1. Lightly apply it to the eye hole or the center of the eye

    2, Apply along the under eye line


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