THE CHOK CHOK GREEN TEA Lemon Mild Cleansing Oil
THE CHOK CHOK GREEN TEA Lemon Mild Cleansing Oil
Tonymoly Korea

THE CHOK CHOK GREEN TEA Lemon Mild Cleansing Oil

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Formulated with natural botanical oils to be mild, this cleansing oil would be suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. It would effectively remove makeup and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

This cleansing oil is super gentle and made mostly from plant oils—93%, actually! It does a great job at getting rid of makeup and keeping your skin feeling soft and hydrated. It's packed with this cool Blue Complex, which includes soothing ingredients like lavender water, hyacinth extract, and chamomile extract, making it really kind to sensitive skin. Plus, it's got this neat micro micellar technology that helps wipe off even the toughest makeup and clears away dirt without any hassle. It's also pretty awesome at tackling blackheads and any gunk stuck in your pores, leaving your skin feeling super smooth. And don't worry about it stinging your eyes; it's super gentle and won't cause any irritation.





1. Dispense two to three pumps onto dry, clean palms.

2. Gently massage onto a dry face in circular motions.

3. Create a milky lather by adding water.

4. Rinse fully with lukewarm water.

5. Follow with a foam cleanser to double cleanse if desired.

6. Use AM and PM.


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