LOVELY BEAM Glitter Liner
LOVELY BEAM Glitter Liner
LOVELY BEAM Glitter Liner
LOVELY BEAM Glitter Liner
Tonymoly Korea

LOVELY BEAM Glitter Liner

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PERFECT for festive looks!!

Glitter liner creates charming and exquisite eye makeup easily all day long without fall out.

Available in two sheer, shimmery shades that are perfect for festive looks. These liners will add a subtle hint of glitter that brightens your face and sparkles in the light! The soft marker tip makes applying the liner a breeze and the long-lasting formula means it will stay put all night long, no touch-ups needed!

The soft marker tip has a 2mm point tip that allows for precise application and the long-lasting formula won't smudge or flake off so you never need to worry about reapplying.




  1. Shake 2-3 times before using to loosen the product and allow it to glide on when applied.
  2. Use the marker tip applicator to gently draw the liner on eyelids or under eyes. 
  3. For a subtle sparkle, gently blend out the color with your finger. To create a more dramatic look, continue to add layers until the desired color is achieved.
  4. After using, clean brush tip with a tissue to keep your liner clean. Always ensure that the liner cap is closed so the product doesn't dry out between uses. 

TIP: Can also be used as a highlighter to contour your nose!

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