Super Intense 24K Gold GINSENG & Snail SKINCARE SET
Super Intense 24K Gold GINSENG & Snail SKINCARE SET
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Super Intense 24K Gold GINSENG & Snail SKINCARE SET

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SUPER INTENSE 24K Gold Ferment Snail TONER  140ml+20ml

SUPER INTENSE 24K Gold Ferment Snail EMULSION 140ml + 20ml


Infused with Black Snail Filtrate, Silk Amino acids, 24K Gold and Ginseng, this super intensive skincare quickly immerses skin in healing moisture and reveals a firmer feel and a more lifted, rejuvenated look over time!

Containing silk amino acids, that have a radiant glow to the skin that has lost vitality, 24K gold with 99.9% purity, and golden cocoon to make the skin firm and lively.

Fermented black snail filtrates aged for 240 hours provide dense moisture to dry skin and help skin density care.
Three types of carefully selected triple ginseng water (white ginseng, black ginseng, red ginseng) and ginseng saponin ingredients enhance the skin's natural balance to make the skin healthy.
It is a highly nutritious cream that gives vitality with rich moisturizing feeling as the cream texture containing the power of black snail is absorbed into the skin as if it were cold the moment it touched the skin.

  • Snail Secretion Extract – Rich in nutrients that provide intense hydration, promote anti-aging, repair the skin, and brighten the complexion.



  1. Place a few drops of TONER in your palms.
  2. Gently press into the skin.
  3. To follow, spread Emulsion evenly over the face and neck to give skin a soft and hydrated feel.
  4. Gently pat into skin until fully absorbed.

Tip: For more effective results, use after applying Ferment Snail Essence or Serum.  


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